There's More to Dental Services than You Might Already Know.Improve Your Health and Appearance with Comfortable Care in the Convenience of Our Maumee Family Dental Office.

Improve your health, life, and appearance. Our Maumee family dental office provides you comfortable dental services at convenient times.

Schedule your new patient consultation, your next dental exam and teeth cleaning, or ask how a dental appliance can treat sleep apnea without a C-PAP device.

Dental services that improve how you look, feel, and live.

Your dental care is connected to your quality of life. Good oral health creates better physical health.

Our dental services help prevent the need for more extensive, costly, and potentially uncomfortable treatment.

Dental sleep services that help refresh and re-energize you.

Improve your health while sleeping better. Dental sleep appliances are a more comfortable option for treating sleep apnea.

  1. Reduce or eliminate the need for a CPAP.
  2. Reduce the health risks associated with sleep disorders.
  3. Stop snoring and improve your relationships.

Awake refreshed and eliminate snoring and the need for a CPAP with a dental sleep appliance.

Comfortable and convenient dental appointments.

Schedule your dental care with more options that fit your time and lifestyle.